A message from our CEO on COVID-19

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Jay Jandrain

Updated April 2021

Butterball has always made it our mission to produce the food you count on to make the delicious and affordable meals your family loves. That has never been more important than throughout the past year.

From the earliest days of the pandemic, I have been inspired by countless stories of Butterball team members going above and beyond and continuing to encourage one another with their dedication and professionalism through trying and unpredictable circumstances. To our team members, thank you for everything you do.

While the pandemic remains a stubborn reality across the globe, there are reasons for optimism, including the increasing availability of highly effective vaccines. Butterball has built on our industry-leading safety practices and provided additional personal protective equipment for our team members, which coupled with continued vigilance both inside and outside of the workplace, has helped reduce the spread of the virus in our facilities. We are encouraged by the trends that we are seeing and are actively focused on providing vaccine information, resources and onsite vaccination clinics so our team members can make the best-informed choice for themselves and their families. We are committed to making it as easy as possible for those who want the vaccine to be able to get it.

We are proud of our track record as industry leaders in safety and quality standards – and we will continue to apply that safety-first mentality as our team operates in the face of a global crisis.

Butterball has always been a team, and that mindset of togetherness and common purpose has helped us navigate these challenging times. I am routinely inspired by the collective efforts of our teams to support and protect one another. It is due to the dedication of our team members that you can count on Butterball products to be on your table, as always.

From our family to yours,

Jay Jandrain
President and CEO
Butterball, LLC

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