More Operators Use Turkey To Transform Menus Across All Dayparts

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October 13, 2014—As consumers continue to seek better-for-you menu options, and beef and pork prices continue to rise, foodservice operators are increasingly turning to turkey for its versatility, flavor and cost efficiency. Research shows that turkey usage has increased by 6% from 2012 to 2013, and more than 60% of operators who menu turkey agree that it can be used as an alternative for other proteins. With a variety of turkey products ranging from filets and medallions to ground turkey, Butterball Foodservice is helping chefs and operators create new and innovative menu solutions for all dayparts.

Turkey’s versatility allows it to be easily incorporated into nearly every type of cuisine, from American breakfast sandwiches to Italian pasta dinners. In addition, turkey plays well in a variety of current trends such as craft burgers, comfort foods and ethnic-inspired breakfasts. To help chefs meet demand for healthful, flavorful options, Butterball Foodservice has an array of recipes and menu ideas:

Richie Jenkins, Senior Director of Marketing at Butterball Foodservice, says, “With demands rising for healthful menu options coupled with the increasing cost of beef and pork, there’s never been a better time for turkey. From turkey burgers to filets, medallions, sausages and ground turkey, our products and menu solutions make it easier than ever for chefs and operators looking for cost-efficient ways to meet demand for delicious, healthy menu options.”

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About Butterball Foodservice:

For more than 50 years, Butterball, LLC has been a leader and innovator in the turkey industry. Headquartered in Garner, N.C., Butterball is the world’s largest vertically integrated turkey processor. As a division of Butterball, LLC, Butterball Foodservice is committed to responsibly supplying the highest quality products with the highest level of customer service. Butterball Foodservice gives chefs and operators even more reasons to love turkey with great-tasting products and menu ideas patrons love. For more information and recipe ideas, visit Find us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at

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Source: Butterball Brand Tracker, Datassential, 2013

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Butterball Foodservice Offers Wide Range of Healthy, Cost-Efficient Turkey Products